Here's what early readers are saying about The Killdeer Connection.


Beta Reader

"A great read." Swyers has a "rare talent for descriptions that come alive for the reader. I could actually feel the adventure in the Bakken fields."


Beta Reader

"I loved it! Each time I thought I kind of knew where the result or 'who done it' was going, it took another twist or turn to throw me off track." 


Beta Reader

"What a great book. I really enjoyed it.  Again, great characters--especially with the evolution of the main character's perception of priorities and his relationship to his family.  It's a very topical book!"


About the author . . .

Tom Swyers

Tom Swyers exploded onto the writing scene. His debut novel, Saving Babe Ruth (the prequel to The Killdeer Connection),  took home several awards including two Benjamin Franklin Book Awards. Now he's back with his first legal thriller, The Killdeer Connection. He has been a lawyer for over twenty-five years and is a judge with the New York Department of State.